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People practising Sports Massage Therapy

Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy

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 ✔  Perfect for Beginners

✔   Learn how to provide sports massage treatments

 ✔  Get insured to work as a Sports

Massage Therapist

✔   ​Progress to the Movement Therapy Diploma (Level 5)

✔   Join the Sports Therapy Association

​✔    Access to Learn Anatomy online


All about the course

The course runs for 10 days over 5 weekends (one a month) and you will be required to complete assignments in between the weekends You will be enrolled on our weekly LIVE anatomy education stream - Learn Anatomy Online. You will be expected to conduct and record at least 5 sports massage treatments on volunteers in between each monthly session

Preparing for Sports Massage Therapy

Weekend 1

  • Role of a Sports Massage Therapist​

  • Case History Taking

  • Professionalism/Ethics/H&S​

  • How to set up your treatment couch/room​

  • General Massage techniques for the legs

Sports Massage Therapy in action

Weekend 2

  • The Tissue Healing Process - Understanding Injury

  • ​Referral Networks

  • Scope of Practice & Safety Net

  • ​Foot, Ankle & Knee Introduction

  • ​General Massage techniques for the Back

Spine analysed in Sports Massage course

Weekend 3

  • Pelvis and Spine Anatomy Introduction

  • ​DermoNeuroModulation -  what massage does...

  • Creating Treatment Plans

  • The science behind stretching

  • ​General Massage techniques for the Neck & Shoulders

Shoulder in Sports Massage Therapy

Weekend 4

  • Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist Anatomy

  • ​Bringing it all together

  • Case History, Assess, Treat, Reassess

  • ​Pre-Post Event

  • ​General Massage Techniques for the shoulders and arms

Graduating in Sports Massage course

Weekend 5

  • Hand in all worksheets

  • ​Mock Assessments before final day

  • Case History, Assess, Treat, Reassess

  • ​Final Assessment

What does the course include?

The course covers all aspects of the National Occupational Standards for Sports Massage

at Level 3.


The course covers additional content about Pain science and the BioPsychoSocial (BPS) model of pain and content recommended by the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP). This is not part of the National Standards but we feel is essential knowledge for all new sports massage therapists.

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People practising Sports Massage Therapy

"Movement Therapy Education is one of the best education providers I have ever come across (and I’ve been with many over the years!)"​

Who is Sports massage for?

Anyone! Sports Massage doesn't have to mean heavy pressure (especially when someone can't tolerate heavy pressure) There are loads of things (which we'll teach you) that you can do so you can adapt your soft tissue techniques for all types of client.

What does Sports Massage do?

Thoughts about this have changed over the years. We now understand that the effects of sports massage are largely due to neurological responses to touch (Rather than stretching fascia/muscles)

Are sports massages painful?

They don't have to be! Everyone will have their preferred level of pressure and we will teach you techniques so that you can deliver all different styles of treatment


Course Locations

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The small print

These documents show you exactly what is covered in the course and our operational procedures for Ethics, Diversity etc..

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